Slovenian Words to Travel By: Part Two

Welcome to the second installment of Slovenian Words to Travel By! In this post, I’ll be explaining different ways to say hello throughout the day, a few creative ways to say goodbye, as well as introducing yourself and your friends! This can be super helpful if you’re thinking about visiting Slovenia or if you’re simply curious about this fascinating Slavic language. If you’d like to hear me say most of these words and phrases, check out my YouTube video! Also, feel free to check out the first installment of this series in either video or blog format. πŸ™‚ Let’s get started!

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Best Parts of Being a New Expat in Slovenia

Stari Grad, Celje Slovenia

Becoming an expat in a new country is a supremely life-altering choice to make. Everything is so new and fresh, and there is so much to learn, experience and absorb! I’ve been living in Slovenia for just over six months now, and I am completely in love with this peaceful yet vibrant country. Here are some of my most favorite things about living as an expat in Slovenia!

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Slovenian Words to Travel By: Part One

Tea and Marlenka Cakes at Stari Grad (Celje Castle) Celje, Slovenia

In this first installment of my “Slovenian Words to Travel By” series, I’m going to be talking about some absolute language basics if you want to visit Slovenia, or are interested in learning the language. If you’d like to watch my YouTube video where I cover these points (and where you can hear me say them), check it out here! This blog post will go into a bit more detail than my video does.

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